I joined Argos after working in the Mergers and Acquisitions department of an Investment Bank. What really attracted me was its “think different” approach, finding uncommon solutions to complex problems.

Additionally, I really appreciated the “hands on approach”, the way an investment fund, although ontologically a financial partner, could effectively help to make a company’s ambitions true.

After 10 years in Argos, I realized that my beliefs were true. Argos entrepreneurial approach really differentiates itself from every other private equity fund in the market. Being near companies and management and supporting them in good conditions and bad environments is one of the core values of Argos investment philosophy.

This has been particularly true in my portfolio experience, especially with the Implanta company. Although hit by a severe judiciary turmoil involving the Company’s past top management, through the help of Argos Wityu, both financial and operative, Implanta recovered its business dynamics.

One of my key core values is believing in the power of people, of joining forces, of growing together, of building bridges. During my work experience I have realized the explosive potential of working with different people, with different teams. We worked during nights and weekends, we shared our ideas, our opinions, our knowledge, our stories, our jokes, our lives.

We have joined our forces totally committing to excellence, to make our Companies grow bigger and bigger. We grew together, by supporting and helping each other, by sharing the same boat. During all these years I have realized that those who have helped me most to learn and grow, both personally and professionally, have not been either books or papers. They have been people.

Thinking structured and providing innovative and non-canonical solutions to problems is how I work. Every day at Argos we face complex problems and situations and I strongly believe that only by keeping calm, examining and dismantling the problem into small ones, and providing to each of them innovative and creative solutions, can be the key of success.

Argos investment approach, focusing on the so called “Argos deals”, provides plenty of room for creative and innovative solutions, from deal structuring, to legal negotiations, until the growth and exit of the portfolio company.

Teamwork, growth and innovation. These three words have been my life paradigm since my early academic studies and I am proud to support companies in leveraging these three main factors.