What motivated me the most about working in private equity was the holistic approach of private equity investors when acquiring businesses ranging from legal to financial and commercial analyses. In addition, the close co-operation with management teams and the unity we form, especially at Argos Wityu, to create promising strategies to foster further sustainable growth for the companies we invest in. However, generating ideas for business development is only half of the story, what truly matters is its subsequent successful implementation. This is especially important for companies in complex situations – and this is what distinguishes Argos Wityu from other private equity firms: we are not reluctant to invest both time and money into companies, which do not exhibit ideal characteristics of a classical private equity investment. We want to accompany businesses on their way to become market leaders.

Furthermore, the international setup of Argos Wityu impressed me right from the start. Here at Argos Wityu we connect more than 50 people in 6 offices across Europe in 1 team. What is even more important is that this is not only a slogan: we truly are one team.

Here at Argos Wityu I conduct commercial, financial and legal analyses of potential investments and develop strategies together with my colleagues and the top-management of our potential portfolio companies.

My career in finance began after my high-school diploma with an apprenticeship at a leading German bank. Afterwards, I decided to expand my knowledge with a study program in Banking & Finance at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, where I acquired the fundamentals of corporate finance. In addition to my study program, I have worked for three days a week in the strategic research team of a German bank. My role included, amongst others, the responsibility for peer reviews for executive management and thus helped me to become familiar with integrated financial statement analyses. Subsequently, I decided to step out of my comfort zone with a Master of Science program, that combines technological aspects and management courses at Technical University of Munich in order to broaden my knowledge with a broader study field also covering engineering aspects.

Apart from my interests in finance, I am passionate about sports and good food. I grew up in a village near the black forest, hence, I have always been tied to the nature and mountains, which is why one of my greatest hobbies is snowboarding. Since a couple of years, I have also discovered hiking. I simply love being in the nature hiking through different terrains seeking new paths.