Our Values

Trust and transparency

When a company changes hands, it is both an exciting and daunting time for its founder or manager. That is why we ensure every deal is based on a strong partnership that goes beyond a purely financial perspective. Trust, transparency and alignment of interests with management teams are key.

When an investor commits to our funds, we have the same open and transparent relationship, which is inherent in our culture. Mutual trust is the foundation of our relationship.

Integrity in managing our responsibilities

We are managing a fraction of the savings of millions of people, that have been entrusted to us by very large financial institutions. We keep this responsibility in mind in everything we do.

Of equal importance, our funds as the majority shareholder of about 20 companies employing close to 10,000 employees, means that we take very seriously our duties toward these companies and their stakeholders.

Our strategy – making businesses stronger and therefore more valuable – brings a lot of coherence in managing these two responsibilities together.

Independence and efficiency

Argos Wityu has always been an independent group, wholly owned and operated by our partners. This means we can take independent investment decisions, based solely on our own analysis of each portfolio company.

Our flexible approach enables us to adapt to the requirements of each industry and locality in which we operate. As such, we can react quickly and constructively to businesses as soon as growth opportunities arise.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Since our foundation as a start-up in 1989, Argos Wityu has retained deeply rooted entrepreneurial DNA.

This is reflected both in the way we run our own business and our investment strategy. We like listening. We know that times can be hard. We know that if you don’t move you fall. We like initiative. We like discussing bold options. We like creativity. And we know how motivation is core.   

Awareness of impact on society

Entrenched in our minds is the understanding of the impact we can have on society. We strive to use our capacity to contribute to a better society. As such, we encourage and help our portfolio companies to reach high environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) standards.  In our own business, we support several local and international NGOs, including Fondation Médecins Sans Frontières and EPIC.

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