it’s essential to feel that the shareholder is supporting you. And with Argos, that’s the case. That’s why, after an initial successful experience working with them, I chose to come back and collaborate on a second project.

I first met Argos when they invested in a Lexsi, a family-run cybersecurity business. They entrusted me with the role of CEO. Our first years, hit by the financial crisis, have not been easy, and they were present, supporting me. Bottom line, over the course of eight years, together we succeeded in transforming the company in terms of management and culture; we grew the company, doubling revenue and building a technological leadership, recognized by Gartner and others. In this course, Argos understood that we needed to build a new management. We brought new people in – not only managers but many employees, too. They trusted both the strategy and me as CEO, and I can tell you that Lexsi was very different in 2016 as compared to 2008.
After these years of construction, we made a great exit and it was a real success story for Argos and myself, as well as all those committed employees. This was down to the trust Argos had and, of course, the fact that the company was ready to accept changes in order to transform and achieve success.

After this exit in 2016, I came back in 2018 with Argos to work on a new exciting challenge, as the CEO of Talentia. My purpose here it to take this software company to the next level – to be more scalable, more industrial and more international. So, it’s again a  transformation and reinforcement plan that will deal with people, innovation and execution modes

The relationship with Argos is one of deep trust and open-minded discussions. They understand that business is not a theory, and as a manager it’s precious to have someone that listens and I can speak to.

I’m a pure entrepreneur, motivated by team management, strategic planning, and strategy execution. I manage businesses from the perspective of global value creation, meaning for all the stakeholders and not only shareholders – so customers, employees and management, too. 

I was the founder of my first company – it was a different kind of management and vision of value creation. So I understand the point of view of the entrepreneur and of the private equity fund, that helps a lot.

To any manager considering partnering with Argos, I would say keep an open mind and consider your own company differently. Argos will help you to transform with external skills. And I would encourage employees to invest with them. I have a deep conviction that all employees should be fully involved in and committed to the whole process.