Cohedron, a company supported by Argos Wityu, acquires Oreon.

Cohedron, a company supported by Argos Wityu, acquires Oreon.

08/03/2021 – Press release

This acquisition enhances Cohedron’s position as a full-service provider for Dutch municipalities with stronger market position and optimising the quality of the social medical consultancy services.

Utrecht (The Netherlands), 8 March 2021 – Cohedron, full-service provider in the social domain for municipalities in the Netherlands, acquires Oreon, a specialist in social medical consultancy. Supported by Argos Wityu since 2017, Cohedron is an investment of the Argos VII fund.

Oreon is the definitive leader when it comes to matters of public and social support in its segment. By pooling resources and areas of expertise, they help local government authorities take expert action within the social domain. These efforts are based on the vision that each person in the Netherlands can live as independently as possible. Municipalities can turn to Oreon as an independent organisation for social-medical expertise with a specialisation in healthcare, housing and welfare. In addition to these regular services, Oreon also provides advice on rules of access, conducts audits and quality reviews, and offers training programmes. Oreon will be collaborating closely with Argonaut Advies, specialist in the field of social medical consultancy, acquired by Cohedron 6 months ago.

With this acquisition, Cohedron enhances its position as a full-service provider for Dutch municipalities, with a stronger market position while optimising the quality of the social medical consultancy services.

Since Argos Wityu became a shareholder of Cohedron in 2017, the company has conducted an active buy-and-build strategy with Oreon counting for the 10th acquisition. Cohedron is now a company generating revenue of more than €120 million and employing more than 1,800 people.

Jeroen Ekkel, Cohedron CEO: “By joining forces between Oreon’s activities with our operating company Argonaut, we are further expanding our portfolio within specific markets in Dutch municipalities. We will also be able to perform our work more efficiently, do more within our own regions and improve our services. Cohedron is a result-oriented social enterprise and this acquisition is in line with our buy-and-build strategy. Our central focus is on innovation, quality service delivery and partnership with our clients. Making a difference together, within society and for our companies. We are supported and assisted in these efforts by majority shareholder Argos Wityu, as a collaborating and enterprising private equity group.”

Karin van Markus, Oreon Managing Director: ‘Oreon is in the best possible hands with Cohedron. This acquisition is an exciting step forward that will enable us to ensure continuity and deliver even more quality, knowledge and expertise to our clients and employees.’

Maarten Meijssen, Argos Wityu partner: “For the past years we have supported Cohedron in implementing the company’s buy-and-build strategy. Our goal is to reinforce Cohedron’s leading position as a full-service provider in the social domain for the Dutch public sector.”

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Argos Wityu team: Gilles Mougenot, Maarten Meijssen, and Roel van Ark

List of advisors
Legal: BOLT Advocaten (Bart Bendel, Louise de Gier, Régine de Wit)
M&A: Quore Capital (Chris Franken, Laurens de Ridder)
Finance and Tax: Deloitte (Lennart Veldhuizen, Rieuwert Hammerstein)

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About Argos Wityu

Argos Wityu is an independent private-equity group with offices in Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, Luxembourg, Milan and Paris. Since its creation in 1989, the group has invested in more than 75 mid-sized companies (Enterprise Value ranging from €25m to €200m). Its majority ownership investments range between €10m and €100m. With €1Bn under management, the group develops a unique investment strategy focusing on business transformation and growth, instead of financial leverage, and on bringing solutions to complex business and shareholding situations. Its entrepreneurial approach is characterised by a close relationship with management teams and strong support to help them implement their strategic plans.

About Cohedron

A single group of strong companies, each with their own expertise. Together, we are Langhenkel-Talenter, Future Communication, Human Capital Group, Argonaut, Zorg-Lokaal, PLANgroep and PLANgroep Financial Services. Working under the ambitious auspices of Cohedron, a holding company that connects, renews and supports. Full of business initiative and the power to influence. Together, we are Cohedron.What binds us together? The drive to make a meaningful impact – on the lives and success of people, organisations, companies and society. That’s what we stand for and aim for.
With over 1,800 professionals and more than 30 years’ experience, we support and advise government authorities, non-profits and the business world. We are a full-service provider for municipalities, in areas including debt relief and spatial and social fields. And for organisations, as a partner in HR, communication, administration and finance.

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