Cohedron, a company supported by Argos Wityu, acquires Newpublic.

Cohedron, a company supported by Argos Wityu, acquires Newpublic.

04/05/2021 – Press release

  • This acquisition strengthens Cohedron’s position as a full-service provider for municipalities, delivering services in the field of outsourcing, secondment, and consultancy.

Utrecht (The Netherlands), 4 May 2021 – Cohedron, full-service provider in the social domain for municipalities in the Netherlands, acquires Newpublic, specialist in young talent recruiting. Supported by Argos Wityu since 2017, Cohedron is an investment of the Argos VII fund.

Newpublic contributes to the development of a modern government by training young, highly educated talent to become professionals who can be deployed to provincial and local authorities across the country. Newpublic recruits, selects and trains the civil servants of tomorrow: young talents that are inquisitive, enterprising and results-driven, that are able to initiate changes and have what it takes to make the difference. Newpublic will work closely with Langhenkel-Talenter, another Cohedron entity, to increase the availability of specialist talent.

Since Argos Wityu became a shareholder of Cohedron in 2017, the company has conducted an active buy-and-build strategy, with Newpublic counting for the 14th acquisition. Cohedron is now a company generating revenue of more than €120 million and employing more than 1,800 people.

Jeroen Ekkel, Cohedron CEO “Newpublic is a valuable addition to our group and contributes to our goal of delivering optimum service to municipalities in the field of outsourcing, secondment and consultancy. Investing in the quality of our services is a key pillar of our strategy and this acquisition is a perfect fit. By working closely with Langhenkel-Talenter we can widen our offering of highly trained professionals able to work in the specialist areas in which Langhenkel-Talenter operates. With tomorrow’s civil servants we can initiate changes and together make a genuine difference.”

Tiemen Storm, Newpublic Partner “We are delighted to be joining the Cohedron group and particularly pleased about the collaboration with Langhenkel-Talenter. During our initial discussions it was immediately clear that both organisations had similar missions. We have a shared drive to help authorities to innovate and continue developing the workforce. We’re looking forward to pioneering together and developing new traineeships.”

Maarten Meijssen, Argos Wityu Partner “With our continuing support Cohedron has conducted an active buy-and-build strategy in recent years. Our aim is to further consolidate Cohedron’s leading position and help Dutch municipalities to improve their services in the field of outsourcing, secondment and consultancy.”


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Argos Wityu team: Gilles Mougenot, Maarten Meijssen and Roel van Ark.

List of advisors               

  • Legal: BOLT Advocaten (Bart Bendel, Louise de Gier, Régine de Wit)
  • M&A: Quore Capital (Chris Franken, Laurens de Ridder)
  • Due Diligence: Deloitte

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About Argos Wityu

Argos Wityu is an independent European investment fund that supports companies in the transfer of business ownership. It has assisted more than 80 entrepreneurs, focusing its investment strategy on complex transactions with emphasis on transformation, growth, and close collaboration with management teams. Argos Wityu seeks to acquire majority interests and invest between €10m and €100m with each transaction. With over €1bn under management and 30 years of experience, Argos Wityu operates from offices in Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, Luxembourg, Milan and Paris.

About Cohedron

A single group of strong companies, each with their own expertise. Together, we are Langhenkel-Talenter, Future Communication, Human Capital Group, Argonaut, Zorg-Lokaal, PLANgroep and PLANgroep Financial Services. Working under the ambitious auspices of Cohedron, a holding company that connects, renews and supports. Full of business initiative and the power to influence. Together, we are Cohedron.

What binds us together? The drive to make a meaningful impact – on the lives and success of people, organisations, companies and society. That’s what we stand for and aim for.

With over 1,800 professionals and more than 30 years’ experience, we support and advise government authorities, non-profits and the business world. We are a full-service provider for municipalities, in areas including debt relief and spatial and social fields. And for organisations, as a partner in HR, communication, administration and finance.

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