Sasa Demarle, specialist in non-stick cooking products, is acquiring the start-up Mokaya, specialist in customised baking moulds, with the help of Argos Wityu.

Sasa Demarle, specialist in non-stick cooking products, is acquiring the start-up Mokaya, specialist in customised baking moulds, with the help of Argos Wityu.

14/12/2020 – Press release

With 3D design now enhancing its industrial expertise, Sasa Demarle has entered the universe of pastry-making 4.0.

Paris (France), 14 December 2020 – Sasa Demarle, specialist in non-stick cooking products for baking, pastry making and all catering trades, has acquired Mokaya, specialist in customised pastry moulds. Argos Wityu has been supporting the Sasa Demarle group since 2016.

Created by aeronautics engineers in 2017, Mokaya combines design technologies and 3D printing with the expertise of pastry makers. The company manufactures customised, unique pastry moulds. The start-up has helped nearly 150 chefs increase their creative freedom, including 30 well-known names such as Pierre Hermé, Cédric Grolet and Michaël Bartocetti. The possibilities of 3D are virtually unlimited.

Maxime Frédéric
George V – Paris

Christophe Michalak

Cédric Grolet
Le Meurice – France

Florent Margaillan
Grand-Hôtel – Cap Ferret

The acquisition is part of the group’s ongoing approach to innovation. With 50 years of product design and development through the Flexipan, Sasa and Silpat brands, the group has satisfied the demanding requirements of not only professionals and industrial groups, but also passionate, skilled consumers. Every year the group’s R&D teams design and launch more than 100 prototype projects. By acquiring Mokaya, Sasa Demarle adds 3D design to its industrial skill set. This will be developed in the years to come, with time-to-market reduced by two-thirds – a significant advantage in the ever-changing pastry market.

The young Paris company is now the group’s fourth brand and will enjoy exposure in more than 120 countries. With their complementary strategic and technological strengths, the two entities will focus on the United States, a high-potential growth market, beginning in 2021. Estimated at $150 million in 2019, the baking accessory market in the USA has an annual growth rate of 5–7% (source: Grandview Research Industry).

Philippe Hémeray, CEO of Sasa Demarle Group, stated, “Thanks to Mokaya, the Sasa Demarle Group has gained access to the coveted world of luxury patisserie. By combining Mokaya’s 4.0 technology with Sasa Demarle’s industrial strength and sales force, we will be able to meet the needs of pastry chefs worldwide even faster than before. We are very happy about this acquisition, which is the combined result of two teams of entrepreneurs who love what they do.”

Geoffrey Taieb, co-founder of Mokaya, had this to say: “The arrival of Mokaya at Sasa Demarle opens new horizons for our start-up, founded in 2017. We aim to accelerate development in France and worldwide thanks to synergies between our pioneering technology and the operational strength of Sasa Demarle. Our complementary industrial strengths and shared values will help us become a key reference in the world of patisserie.” 

Karel Kroupa, partner at Argos Wityu, added: “The business combination of Mokaya and Sasa Demarle is the perfect example of the group’s desire to accelerate the strategic innovation led by Philippe Hémeray and his teams. Customers will benefit from the complementary expertise and technologies of the two companies.”

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Argos Wityu team: Karel Kroupa, Vincent Yacoub, Paola Alemanno 


Buyer advisors
Legal advisors: Jeantet (Philippe Matignon, Pascal Georges, Camille Perodeau)
Tax advisors: Arsene (Franck Chaminade, Diane Kany)
Financial advisors: Diligentia (Pierre Stefaniutyn)

Seller advisors
Legal advisors: Ambre Associés (Eric Kopelman)

Argos Wityu contact
Coralie Cornet
Communication Director
+33 1 53 67 20 63

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About Sasa Demarle

With 50 years’ experience the Sasa Demarle group is the specialist in non-stick cooking products for bakers, pastry chefs and all catering trades. Based in northern France, the Group designs, develops, manufactures and distributes a wide range of products which facilitate the daily work of more than 50,000 customers and users in 120 countries worldwide. The Sasa®, Flexipan®, Silpat® and now Mokaya® brands have pioneered and succeeded as a result of technological expertise in their business lines, with products of proven, recognised and unrivalled quality. The group’s capacity for innovation, its flexible team of 270 employees and its ability to develop customized solutions have convinced thousands of professionals. Every day Sasa®, Flexipan®, Silpat® and Mokaya® work with a network of experts and passionate cooks.

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