Its products are used for Oil & Gas, cryogenic, steam and industrial applications.

With a strong technical environment base and know-how, the Group is one of the world leaders within the LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) valve market.

Since our investment, we have been capitalizing on Valco’s know-how and brands (SNRI, VVS and Malbranque), to develop the international presence by opening subsidiaries in Australia and South Africa.

Argos has funded the acquisition of Guichon Valves, a specialist in the engineering, manufacture, assembly and testing of special and custom-made valves for petrochemical, chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and nuclear industries.

We have also supported the entry of the FDEN (Fonds de Développements des Entreprises Nucléaires) to the capital of the Group to encourage the development plans and provide the management team with its nuclear expertise, in anticipation of the modernization of nuclear plants worldwide.

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