This is the essence of our job. Getting in touch with the personal and professional stories of entrepreneurs, understanding their dynamics, and trying, with perseverance and dedication, to write together a new page of a company’s history. The secret to succeed is to build strong ties with all the people involved in the business and to learn to help each other in finding the best way forward.

I have chosen to commit to Private Equity since the early days of my career, and to join then the Argos’ team, to have the chance to be part of stories of growth, innovation and transformation, and to give my contribution to the joint effort that delivers a successful path. In Argos’ approach to Private Equity I immediately found a lot of the elements that make me passionate about this work, like looking for creative solutions to complex problems and the care adopted in the analyses of every corporate aspect, fruit of significant previous experiences.

In my private life, as well as in my everyday life at work, I love to surround myself with quality people and stories. I enjoy conviviality and be intrigued by a tale. I am passionate about sailing and art: the first, quoting Bernard Moitessier, “pour le plaisir très simple de courir la mer sous le soleil et les étoiles”, and the second because, paraphrasing Jeff Koons, it gives us the opportunity to take our life to a “heightened parameter”.