Argos Wityu, the management and the employees of Sword France are investing together to create an independent leader in IT-Digital and Software.

Paris (France), 29 September 2020 – Argos Wityu, independent European private-equity group, announces today it has finalised the acquisition of the French perimeter of the Sword Group, thus creating an independent leader in IT-Digital and Software.

Sword France assists blue-chip customers in their technological and digital transformation programs, being positioned at the crossroads of technological and end-markets related expertise. The service offering is supplemented by innovative in-house designed software products that bring added value to the core offer. Sword France employs c. 600 employees linked by a strong collective approach and generates revenues over €60m. The management team has a proven track record of double-digit growth over the past 10 years.

Led by Philippe Le Calvé, the Sword France team shares a common entrepreneurial spirit close to its customers and partners. Employees and Management have expressed their willingness to become involved at the shareholder level in the new entity. This commitment to this collective ambition is one of the fundamental values of Sword France, shared with Argos Wityu.

The objective is to reinforce the Group’s positioning as one of the leading multi-specialists focusing on targeted technology segments. Argos Wityu also aims at supporting the management team in conducting an active buy & build strategy, both in France and internationally.

Philippe Le Calvé, CEO of Sword France, said: “We are convinced about our capacity to take up the challenge together and transform the Sword France into a standalone Group. This opportunity increases room for manoeuvre, liberates energies and triggers additional initiatives in many areas including external growth and innovation. It is also an opportunity to develop new partnerships and open new horizons. Our objective is to continue and accelerate the growth of our activities. This collective project, which involves all our employees and our experienced management team, will be built over the long term. We know that we can count on Argos Wityu to support our development.”

Karel Kroupa, Partner at Argos Wityu: “We are excited to accompany Philippe Le Calvé and the management team at this entrepreneurial turning point. Sword France has a proven capacity to anticipate and capture new emerging trends. It has built long-standing relationships with its blue-chip customers and benefits from a strong reputation of technological expertise on niche market. This transaction encompasses all the strengths we seek in our transactions: a highly motivated and competent team, a clear market differentiation and a strong growth project.”

Argos Wityu team: Karel Kroupa, Simon Guichard, Pierre Dumas, Paola Alemanno

List of advisors

Buyer advisors
M&A: DC Advisory (François Prioux)
Legal: Hogan Lovells (Stéphane Huten, Florian Brechon, Laura Medjoub, Fanny Perié, Guillaume Denis, Eric Paroche, Céline Verney)
Financial: Ernst & Young (Emmanuel Picard, Marion Lassus-Pigat, Karen Contreras, Nicolas Brun)
Strategic: Digital Value (Arnaud de Baynast, Abdellah Moutaçalli, Romain Bury, Xudong Zhang)
Tax: Hogan Lovells (Laurent Ragot, Maryll Pizzetta)
Insurance: Marsh (Margaux Rocher, Jean-Marie Dargaignaratz, Charles Amblard)

Management advisors
Legal: Solferino Associés (Bernard-Olivier Becker, Marie-Estelle Colin)
Tax: Cazals Manzo Pichot Saint Quentin (Bertrand de Saint Quentin)

Sellers advisors
M&A: Bryan Garnier (Thibaut de Smedt, Olivier Garnier, Stanislas de Gmeline, Jonathan Foiret-Hurbin)
Financial: PWC (David Willems, Rodolphe Challand)
Legal: Quartèse Avocat (Marie Kapp-Brunet) et Korvinglaw (Marianne Korving)

Argos Wityu

Coralie Cornet
Head of Communications
+33 6 14 38 33 37

Cynthia Vettivelu
Communication Officer
+33 4 81 65 39 35

About Argos Wityu /
Argos Wityu is an independent European investment fund that supports companies in the transfer of business ownership. It has assisted more than 80 entrepreneurs, focusing its investment strategy on complex transactions with emphasis on transformation, growth, and close collaboration with management teams. Argos Wityu seeks to acquire majority interests and invest between €10m and €100m with each transaction. With more than €1bn under management and 30 years of experience, Argos Wityu operates from offices in Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, Luxembourg, Milan and Paris.

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