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Full service provider for Dutch municipalities and organisations
Logo - Argos Wityu


The Netherlands

Entry in 2017

Exit in 2021

Buyer: House of HR


In the framework of an MBI transaction in 2017, Argos Wityu invested in Cohedron alongside Jeroen Ekkel and the rest of the management team. The company’s growth strategy has been focused on:
  • Organic growth thanks to a reinforcement of the organization – the internal organization has kept its entrepreneurial approach towards each of the business units while reinforcing the support functions that helped them to accelerate their organic growth.
  • Active buy & build strategy – 17 build-ups enabled the company to expand its service offering and transform into the leading service provider for municipalities in the Netherlands.
  • Software investments – A significant investment has been made in customized software to create a unique positioning for the company’s outsourcing services.
  • Rebranding – A complete rebranding was undertaken in 2020 for Cohedron to be identified as one coherent service provider for the public sector.
On 21 June 2021, Jeroen et Maarten revenaient sur leur collaboration