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Logo - Argos Wityu


Paris, France

Entry in 2013

Exit in 2019

Buyer: Total Specific Solutions

Salvia Group

Salvia Group is the French leading provider of full-suite solutions to manage real estate assets.

Argos Wityu invested in Salvia in 2013, as part of a group of four companies sold by the Sage Group. Once independent, Salvia Group’s revenues almost doubled to reach €21 million in 2019. The company’s growth strategy has been focused on:

  • Expansion of the product offer – 4 build-ups including the latest, Alteva, in 2018 enabled the company to expand its product offer to process digitization and property management.

  • Organization – The operations of the company were completed following the Sage spin-off in 2013.

  • R&D investments – Significant investments were made in R&D to fully revamp the historical product offer and always be better in addressing clients’ needs.