Julhiet Sterwen, a company supported by Argos Wityu, has adopted the status of “Mission-driven company”

Julhiet Sterwen, leader in strategy consulting, transformation and innovation, has adopted the status of “mission-driven company” (“entreprise à mission”). In so doing, the firm has aligned its status with its longstanding determination to systematically act as a positive force, in accordance with its “Consulting for Good” commitment.

For Gilles Lorang, Managing Partner, and Mario Giannattasio, Director of Investments at Argos Wityu, “adopting the status of mission-driven company underscores the connection between Julhiet Sterwen’s values and the company’s commitment. It’s a new stage and we’re ready for it.”

Why the change in status?
Julhiet Sterwen has chosen to become a mission-driven company so that the momentum the company has developed since it was founded can be recognized and articulated.
The group’s mission, set down in 2018 as a result of employee-led, independent workshops, was formulated as follows:
Make sure transformation creates sustainable value, while working with and respecting all stakeholders, because we firmly believe in people.

What are the objectives of a mission-driven company?
Julhiet Sterwen has selected four themes so that the transformations indicated in the company’s mission statement and that the company pursues every day genuinely create sustainable value:
• Make people the overriding focus
• Think sustainable growth and encourage that thinking in others
• Support research and the free and open sharing of its results
• Reduce the company’s carbon footprint and the resources it consumes and contribute to reducing those of its customers through its initiatives and the products and services it offers

As underlined by Thierry Auzias, Managing Director of Julhiet Sterwen, “These avenues have been an integral part of our firm’s DNA since our founding. These subjects have always been dear to us. Becoming a mission-driven company prompts us to do even more, to be even more exemplary and demanding. This new initiative is right in line with our “Consulting for Good” commitment.

Why a mission committee?
The French “Pacte” law calls for the creation of a mission committee whose members must “monitor the mission’s execution”. For Julhiet Sterwen, this committee is above all an additional opportunity to challenge ourselves to further raise the level of our demands and to continue to do more and better, with more positive impact as the goal.

External members
• Michel Barabel, Director of M2Grhm (IAE Eiffel) / Director of EMRH (Sciences Po EE) / Director of Lab RH publications
• Sylvain Breuzard, CEO of Norsys, President of Réseau Etincelle
• Frédéric Dinguirard, carbon assessment expert

Julhiet Sterwen employee members
• Laetitia Poëta
• Judith Déprez

Founding members of Julhiet Sterwen
• Marc Sabatier, CEO
• Thierry Auzias, Managing Director

What is Consulting for Good?
Julhiet Sterwen has built itself up around a central commitment, “Consulting for Good”, and has adopted that expression as its baseline to make it clear that “Consulting for Good” ranks higher than any other consideration or objective. “Consulting for Good” is not just a slogan. Julhiet Sterwen assigns the highest priority to that mode of conduct and that real, permanent commitment.

Marc Sabatier, CEO of Julhiet Sterwen, explains: “Consulting for Good” means ensuring that everything we do has a positive impact. As a result, it is natural for us to think of both the short-term and long-term consequences of what we do, be it in societal, social or environmental terms, vis-à-vis all of our stakeholders, in the largest sense. It’s what guides us in our day-to-day decisions: take pleasure in doing things well, for the well-being of all.

This commitment is also expressed naturally through the CSR policy and the initiatives that result therefrom. For more information, please download our CSR report.

Argos Wityu

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Julhiet Sterwen

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About Argos Wityu / www.argos.wityu.fund
Argos Wityu is an independent European investment fund that supports companies in the transfer of business ownership. It has assisted more than 80 entrepreneurs, focusing its investment strategy on complex transactions with emphasis on transformation, growth, and close collaboration with management teams. Argos Wityu seeks to acquire majority interests and invest between €10m and €100m with each transaction. With more than €1bn under management and 30 years of experience, Argos Wityu operates from offices in Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, Luxembourg, Milan and Paris.

About Julhiet Sterwen / www.julhiet-sterwen.com
In the space of just a few years, Julhiet Sterwen has become a leader in transformation and innovation consulting. Julhiet Sterwen advises and supports organisations and helps them to adapt to the economic, digital and societal changes underway.

The firm focuses on all four aspects of transformation: business model development, people support, digitalisation and agility. It draws on powerful R&D and a one-of-a-kind, seamless and integrated business model.
Julhiet Sterwen’s areas of expertise cover strategy, the customer relationship and experience, operational performance, process digitalisation, data and cyber security, the transformation and digitalisation of functions such as HR, finance, risk, compliance and IT, support for executives and management committees, managerial and cultural transformation, training and digital learning, change management, the employee experience and psychometric testing, a market in which PerformanSe, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Julhiet Sterwen, is the leader in France.
Julhiet Sterwen embraces “Consulting for Good” and assumes responsibility for generating a positive, sustainable impact in everything the firm undertakes.

Key data:
• 470 employees
• €70m in annual revenue
• More than 1,000 clients, growth of >80% over six years
• Present in France, Switzerland and Belgium
• Has BPI Excellence certification in France
• Founding partner of France Fintech
• Identified as “leading” or “excellent” on 21 market segments in Décideurs magazine’s rankings of consulting firms (Leaders League)
• Winner of the silver medal in the social innovation category of the 2021 Ekopo awards

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