…open culture and down-to-earth attitude. This brings intense discussions and fruitful exchanges. Teams are always small in private equity, so it is important to have a cultural fit – and this is the case at Argos!

I joined Argos in 2016 when the German office opened in Frankfurt. In my personal life, I love to spend time with family and friends, going on holiday and support our local football team Eintracht Frankfurt. I do practice sport, mainly running and skiing.

My role at Argos is to source and evaluate new opportunities and support the companies we partner with. In this regard, I work with the various people involved in each investment.

For me, private equity firms are alternative investment companies creating sustainable value for all stakeholders involved. What I really enjoy is being exposed to various industries, companies and characters, with varying challenges every day.

At, Argos, what sets us apart is that we focus on complex cases, which leads to a lot of involvement from our side. Another thing that makes us different is our Pan-European footprint.

I am passionate with the everyday exchanges I have with different companies and managers. I am also driven by the fact that, due to the variety of the role, there are always new challenges and things to learn. Every day is different! I look forward to my future at Argos and the new challenges that it will bring.