Gantrex Group is the worldwide market leader and trusted partner in crane and specialty rail tracks.


Nivelles, Belgium

340  Employees​

Entry in 2015

Turnover €87m

Maarten Ipens

of Gantrex

Managing Partner
at Argos Wityu


at Argos Wityu


Investment Manager
at Argos Wityu



As the global market leader in rail equipment for heavy duty cranes, Gantrex was at that time a group of local companies, rather than one integrated global company. At the first management presentation, the Argos deal team had a meeting with five regional managers presenting five different business cards with five different titles.

It was understood that changing and harmonizing the internal organization was one of the first steps in the transformation of Gantrex.

First, an executive committee has been created, headed by a new, internally promoted CEO, Maarten Impens, who was only 33 years old at that time.

The internal operating model has completely been rethought, in order to better serve the goals of the organization and improve the accountability of the people within the organization.

Finally, the financial reporting obviously had to be aligned to this organizational transformation and therefore went through a complete make-over as well.

At the same time, different actions have been initiated together with management to support further growth of the company.

In terms of service offering, Gantrex also went through a change as it moved more and more from a pure distributor of rail equipment (rails clips, stabilisers etc) to a full-service provider also offering installation and maintenance services on a global scale.

New products have been developed by the internal R&D department and put on the market. The global sales price strategy has been reviewed completely. The internal and external communication has been revamped resulting in a new company branding, a new website and an improved internal communication platform in order to improve cross-fertilization across different regions.

One of the key milestones in the development of the company’s positioning in the market has been the acquisition of its key competitor Gantrail.

We dedicated two years with management to convincing Gantrail’s family shareholder and then to close the acquisition in mid-2017. This has further reinforced Gantrex’ unique position in the global niche market of crane rail infrastructure and allowed to materialize considerable synergies, including the integration of 2 production sites in China.

We have already gone through a remarkable growth and transformation process over the past couple of years and more is on the way. Increased focus on R&D, new end-markets, a new global ERP system, setting up new sites in North America and Asia, etc. Argos will be there to support management in these exciting times every step of the way!

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