…for professional, law-enforcement and defence customers with very high requirements: firemen, sea rescue, coast guards, drug enforcement, special forces, anti-piracy …. Zodiac Milpro and Zodiac Hurricane are iconic brands with outstanding reputations, supported by high-end products and a worldwide presence, which constitute a strong basis for the future of the Group.

In the 10 years preceding our investment, Zodiac Milpro found itself in situations where the focus had more been on cash generation than growth. When planning our investment in partnership with the management team, we have identified an array of expansion levers.

Since the acquisition, this plan is being executed: expansion in Asia and Middle East, extension of the product range with an acceleration of innovation efforts, and development of additional services to customers. A number of these actions are increasing operating expenses in a first phase (more R&D, larger sales-team etc.), a step needed to generate a considerable payback down the road. Low leverage allows this flexibility.

Finally, we are committed to lead and fund an active external growth policy to consolidate the market and accelerate the development plan.

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