…something I very much identity myself with. Indeed, being half Swedish and half Dutch, educated in Belgium, in the Netherlands and in Switzerland, married to an Italian and having lived in Geneva for over 30 years now, this environment fits completely my personal life experience. Speaking many languages fluently (French, English, Italian, Dutch, Swedish and German) also matches well the Argos group and culture.

I joined Argos in July 1996, so I’m one of the oldest employees of the group – in terms of both age and years of work! I’ve been with the company since its early days. Argos hired me as a part-time finance person and my journey within Argos has led me to become one of its operational executives – I’m pretty much part of the furniture! Today, I feel that I have a responsibility to share the group’s legacy.

I appreciate the variety and intellectual challenges here – there is no routine. There’s a huge diversity within the portfolio companies in terms of sectors, industries, countries and above all people.

Explaining our particular approach to investors and working in a team, in addition to transmitting knowledge within the group are my favourite topics and give me satisfaction on a daily basis. I’m motivated by the fact that I learn every day, meeting a large variety of people from diverse background.

For me, support, human contact and transmission are important. That’s why, outside of work, I help with Education in Africa to give a chance to underprivileged children to move forward in life. I strongly believe that we, born and educated in sophisticated countries, have the duty to help any children to aspire to a decent life, starting with the basics at school.

The definition of private equity for me is accompanying managers in their entrepreneurial journey. I like how private equity enables men and women to develop in their careers and fulfill their dreams as entrepreneurs, with the risk and rewards attached.

At Argos, we have a very committed approach where we are on the ground, hand-in-hand with the managers. In my daily work, thinking and caring about others is absolutely capital – it’s a top priority.